Over The Rainbow Bridge
Merrily's Wild Wild West
Ch. Sundust Sir Percival X
Ch. Bodega's Merrily Flirtation

Maggie's son & Rick's little Buddy..
A gentle soul..
Lost to Auto-Immune disease at a 6 years..
Phillipine Grand
Ch. Cashmere's Abrakadabra
Ch. Beaujolais' Minnesota Magic X
Ch. Cashmere's Conversation Piece

Little Julie..we lost her to auto-immune
complications at 8 years.
Inspired by a Norse

By the edge of a woods,
at the foot of a hill, Is a
lush, green meadow
where time stands still.
Where friends of man
and woman do run, When
their time on earth is over
and done.

For here, between this
world and the next, Is a
place where each
beloved creature finds
On this golden land, they
wait and they play, Till the
Rainbow Bridge they
cross over one day.

For here they are whole,
their lives filled with
gladness. Their limbs are
their health renewed,
Their bodies have
healed, with strength

They romp through the
grass, without even a
care, All ears prick
eyes dart front and back,
Then all of a sudden, one
breaks from the pack.

For just at that instant,
their eyes have met,
Together again, both
person and pet.
So they run to each
other, these friends from
long past, The time of
their parting is over at

The sadness they felt
while they were apart,
Has turned into joy once
more in each heart.
They embrace with a love
that will last forever, And
then, side-by-side, they
cross over....together.
Beloved  best friend to Rick for over 12 Years.
Excellent pedigree,
had a Best In Show Sire and Brother.

Loyal and Loving..
Ch. Sumthin' Spoiled Rotten
Ch. Canterbury Tarheel Express X
Ch. Victorian Blythe

Loved to show for me,
and my first owner handled show dog.
My foundation bitch..
Lost to a stroke at 5 years.
Ch. Merrily's Magic Machine
Ch. Marquis Mighty Mouth X
Justalota Silk N Honey

My "Panda", built like a brick,
and my first Homebred Champion.
Developed slipped stifles..
Owned by Pat Baker
BISS Ch. Merrily's Masquerade
Ch. Tabaka's Two-Timer X
Merrily's Good N' Plenty

Queen of Rhapsody Cockers
& Producer of Champions..
Owned by Rebecca Collins Tufts
Ch. Me-Tu's Medicine Man
Ch. Piddy Pat's Tarzan Tan  X
Me-tu's Carmel Creme

My first Show Dog, a wonderful, gentle boy..
A leg injury ended his Show Career
after jumping off a grooming table.
Multi BIS/ Multi BISS
Ch. Merrily's Spunky Power
Ch. Bobwin's John Silver X
Ch. Sumthin' Spoiled Rotten

Super Show Girl!
Owned by Jim & Louise Sargent
& Bill Chapman
BISS Ch. Sumthin' Styx N' Stones
Ch. Canterbury Tarheel Express X
Ch. Victorian Blythe

Gorgeous typey boy, in the Hayday Tradition..
Fantastic pedigree..
Lost to lymphoma cancer at 5 years.
Eyes Clear at 5 years..
Did NOT have cataracts!
Ch. Merrily's Black Olive
Ch. Bobwin's Yes Sir X
Ch. Sumthin' Spoiled Rotten

Beautiful Top Producer & Bed Buddy
Owned by Shirley & Gary Cassidy
of Klon-Tarf Cockers..
She lived a long healthy life.
Ch. Sumthin' Ain't So Bad
Ch. Sumthin' Styx N Stones X
Ch. Porter's Black Lace

A Gorgeous Boy ...
Owned by Bill & Penny Feasey
Ch. Merrily's Pretty Poison
Ch. Shenanigans O' Balderdash X
Ch. Sumthin' Spoiled Rotten

Lovely & Quiet Girl with an
Oustanding Pedigree..
Lived out her life in a Companion home.
Ch. Merrily's Fiddlestyx
Ch. Sumthin'  Styx N Stones X
Me-Tu's Sugar Lily

Very Sweet boy..
Broke with cataracts at 2+ years.
Owned by Vi Nielson Jagger
Ch. Klon-Tarf's Totally Merrily
Ch. Glenmurray's Solid Black X
Ch. Klon-Tarf's Dynamic Lady

An incredible girl & pedigree..
A Solid Black Daughter
Owned by Brian and Lori Hohstadt
Ch. Merrily's Twist N' Shout
Ch. Shenanigans O' Balderdash X
Ch. Sumthin' Spoiled Rotten

Sweet solid boy...went to a great
Companion home..
Ch. Merrily's Emotion In Motion
Spunky's Moonshine Runner X
Ch. Bobwin's Pryd N Joy

Full of Sunshine & Happiness..
Broke with cataracts at 2 years...
then cancer..

Ch. Bodega's Merrily Flirtation
BISS Ch. Jo-Bea's Diamond Trader X
Ch.Winelight's Bodega Sets Sail

She was The Queen..lived to 9 years..
We lost her to mammory cancer..
Ch. Merrily's Quiet Riot
Ch. Camelot's Counterfiet X
BISS Ch. Merrily's Masquerade

Such a perfect girl!
Owned by Rebecca Collins
Am.Brazil Ch. Rhapsody's Music of The Night
Ch. Camelot's Counterfiet X
BISS Ch. Merrily's Masquerade

What a beauty!
Co-bred with Rebecca Collins
Ch. Rhapsody's Memoirs Little Margie
Ch. Camelot's Counterfiet X
BISS Ch. Merrily's Masquerade

Co -Bred with Rebecca Collins
Owned by Anita Roberts of Memoir
Ch. Me-Tu's Jealousy
Ch. Branridge Semi Tough X
Me-Tu's Sugar Lily

Longest ears I ever saw!
Co-Bred with Evelyn Wadley
Owned by Evelyn Wadley
Multi BISS Ch. Merrily's Ima Lil Rascal
Ch. Wee-Ones Chuckie X
Ch. Wee-One's Copper Corjill

My first homebred Griffon..
Ch. Wee-Ones Copper Corjill

Bred by Sheila Hilgart
She was Devin's little dog..
BISS Ch. Wee-Ones Well So What

Bred by Sheila Hilgart
Alfie won the National Specialty
from the Open Class!
Had several Group placements..
Lived to 10 years old.
Ch. Wee-Ones So Merrily
Alfie's litter sister

My first Griffon, what a joy they were!
She had several group placements..
later went to live with Ron Preston
Ch. Merrily's Wee-Ones Wunsome LTD
Ch. Trey-Acres Knockout  X Ch. Wee-One's So Merrily

Dugan finished at 7 months!
Owned by Ron Preston..
No picture Available..

Dugan produced many
Champion Griffons for
Breeders over the years.
click picture to see her page.