Digital Picture Pedigrees
....Collies, Cockers, and More....

Picture Pedigrees
for the dog fanciers who love to see their dogs ancestry with pictures and in color.

Four Generation......  $25.00

Or an 8 x10 Printed Pedigree on professional photo paper and sent to you for an extra.....$5.00

If ordering extra prints, add on $2 for each

( First Class Shipping )


Payment is in due in Advance.

(an additional 3% paypal fee will be added into the cost)
Pay with a personal check.

If paying through Paypal, PLEASE email me that you have ordered a pedigree!
This is important, or I won't know that you have done this.
Contact me at:
or  through Facebook:
Mary Cook Reid,
and send private message.

Pedigree will be shared with you as it is coming along,.

Not all dog pictures can be found on the internet so there is the possibility of names
without pictures,
but I do my best to find them all.

I will also add on titles, health testings and different pictures on the digital pedigree you purchased,
at a later date at no additional charge.

Picture Pedigrees are an ideal option for Breeders who want nice pedigrees for their new puppy
owners folders.

New owners love to have a picture pedigree of their puppy or adult..

Digital pedigree's made up in color
4 Generation is $25.00....

Add on printed and shipped to you First Class Mail for another $5.00.

Pedigrees are sent digitally to your email or facebook account.

Please read the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Scroll down the page to see a few that I have made,
with different designs and click to make them larger.

There is no end to the background designs that can be used,
these are just a few samples.

Click on the pictures to see them much larger!
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